Believe it or not, there is no secret to weight loss.

Assuming you're otherwise healthy, MODERATION and SENSIBLE EATING are the keys to a successful diet. Seriously.

Eat things that offer nutritional value (no sugary sweets), eat smaller portions, and drink mostly WATER with the occasional soda or coffee. The best diet plan is knowing what you're putting in, and knowing what you're working off. To lose weight, you must take in less than what you burn off. In our humble opinion, replacing meals with powdered drinks, supplement pills and pre-portioned frozen meals is no way to live - enjoy food! It's one of life's pleasures! Do something you can stick with - not something you'll be tired of after a few weeks. It takes will power, but you can do it!

(Without giving medical advice because we are certainly not doctors…)
We recommend trying sensible eating and working out at least 3 times per week in order to make a change to your body and overall health.

The Surgeon General agrees...

To stop the obesity epidemic in this country, we must remember that Americans will be more likely to change their behavior if they have a meaningful reward- something more than just reaching a certain weight or dress size. The real reward has to be something that people can feel and enjoy and celebrate. That reward is invigorating, energizing, joyous health. It is a level of health that allows people to embrace each day and live their lives to the fullest – without disease, disability, or lost productivity. To be a nation that is Healthy and Fit.

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